- There are 4 gods, each has its own portfolio of things they do, there are some clues in the titles used with their names, the art of some unique items, and the various blessings and curses they use

- Gods like and hate certain items and types of creatures that have to do with their portfolio

- Gods have both a light and a dark aspect, shrines are visibly dedicated to either one of these

- Gods don't approve of their shrines being vandalized

Stack the maker:

  • ·        

Stack the volatile:

  • ·        

Ravinder the voidsent:

  • ·        

Ravinder the scholar:

  • ·Identification scroll as an aether bat curses

with forsaken: you by reducing core attributes by 5        

  • ·Identification scroll as a ghost gave a blessing ("Phylactery: Ravinder has blessed you with phylactery, allowing you to come back from death with full health, stamina and mana once.")        

Devyn the Fickle:

  • ·Identification scroll as an aether bat curses

you with half of your mana        

  • ·        

Devyn the radiant:

  • ·Holy water as zombie transforms harmful potions to helpful ones.        
  • ·Holy water as aether bat gives aether respiration        
  • ·Mana potion as aether bat gives mana burn. + 10% magic damage.        
  • ·Holy water as imp transforms harmful potions to helpful        
  • ·        

Trask the ravager:

  • ·Gave them a yellow grade weapon (Vorpal Sword) and got healed and cured of curses.        
  • Gave him green grade boots and got a buff called "Bane of the Unnatural" +10% to undead, magical and mechanical creatures.        

Trask the healer

  • ·After breaking chest and offending, as minotaur, offered health potion and offering was found acceptable. Blessing removes all debuffs and heals you        
  • ·Holy water as a skeleton curses ("Blood curse - Trask's curse has disabled your body's ability to heal,")        

Once enough data is gathered, everything will be made into a table. Please add as much as you can.

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